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When your business in California or any other US state requires professional and prompt services related to intellectual property and damages then you need a California Damage expert for the job. Luckily, you need not look any further than ValuEconomics.

ValuEconomics is located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. This professional firm is headed by its President Dr. Jules H.Kamin and has been retained by clients not only across California, but all over the United States too.

Dr. Kamin is an acknowledged expert in California intellectual property damage valuation. His expertise lies in handling claims related to damages caused by infringement in copyright, trade secrets, patents, and trademark damages.

In addition, he provides expert services related to personal litigation that may involve claims of personal injury, wrongful death, and wrongful termination. In such claims, an expert is required to evaluate the loss in any individual’s earning stream due to termination, injury, or death.

Dr. Kamin is a respected economic damages expert whose opinions have been useful for both plaintiffs and defendants in matters that have ended up in a court of law. He has testified in hundreds of depositions and more than 75 arbitrations and trials while being retained on over 600 economic and financial matters.

Dr. Kamin is an accomplished financial analyst and also has a wide range of skills in financial accounting and economics. His educational qualifications exceed those possessed by many of his competitors put together. He has completed his B.A.Sc. with First Class honors in Engineering Physics, is an M.A., and has completed his M.B.A. and Ph.D. in Business from the well-known University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

His past work experience in companies such as The Aerospace Corporation, First Interstate Bancorp, and Dart Industries Inc., have helped him hone his economic and financial skills. This California damage expert currently has clients from across industry sectors including those from real estate, auto, insurance, pharmaceuticals, power generation, software, sports, aviation, telecommunications, and health care, among others.

So, whenever you require guidance from a financial and economic damages expert in matters related to California intellectual property or any other type of business valuation services in the USA then you can get all allied services under a single roof. A visit to the ValuEconomics Beverly Hills office will enable you to meet Dr. Kamin personally and discuss your matter without any obligation.

A visit to the website of ValuEconomics at www.valu-econ.com will likewise help you to learn more about this established California damage expert and his complete range of professional services.

Your business in California or any other state in the USA requires financial, economic, and legal protection in order to operate seamlessly. One Los Angeles intellectual property expert that can provide qualified and professional services related to patent, trademark, and copyright damages along with business valuation services, is Dr. Jules H. Kamin of ValuEconomics.

ValuEconomics is based in Los Angeles and in addition to offering various services to individuals and businesses in southern California also offers services to clients all across the USA. Dr. Jules Kamin is the president of ValuEconomics and as a Los Angeles business valuation expert his services can help save a lot of money as well as protect your interests in case of a legal suit.

In fact, Dr. Kamin has been retained by his clients for over 600 matters related to economic and financial issues, and has testified in hundreds of depositions for plaintiffs as well as defendants. He has also testified in more than 75 trials and arbitrations. This Los Angeles expert testimony witness has helped his clients recover lost profits resulting due to breach of contracts or other business torts.

In addition, Dr. Kamin’s expertise in Los Angeles intellectual property has protected his clients from infringement of intellectual property including patent, trademark, and copyright damages as well as misappropriation of trade secrets. Dr. Jules Kamin possess skills in all required fields including economics, financial accounting and analysis, and also possesses the required experience needed for valuation of damages.

Hence, hiring this eminent Los Angeles damage expert eradicates the need to hire different experts and also prevents confusion while

also saving a noticeable amount of money. Dr. Kamin not only possesses a rich corporate experience by working on different positions with leading companies, but in addition has also taught in several universities and management institutions as a lecturer.

Dr. Jules H.Kamin hence has the ability to look at the complete legal and financial picture at all times, while his innovative solutions to various types of problems can help steer your business to solid ground. You and your business can certainly benefit from a host of related services provided by this Los Angeles financial expert witness in case any matter reaches the inside of a court of law.

So, if you need only an experienced and expert firm with a dynamic and respected president at its helm, then you need to contact Dr. Jules H. Kamin at ValuEconomics Inc. This Los Angeles business valuation and intellectual property expert will personally analyze your situation without any obligation on your part before offering customized solutions to protect you and your business.

When you need authentic and accurate valuations related to intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights, patents, and business litigation, you only need to look towards an experienced economic damages expert. You should contact ValuEconomics Inc. for all matters related to economic damages, business valuations, and other financial and economic issues.

ValuEconomicshas its headquarters in Los Angeles, California and its president Dr. Jules H. Kamin is recognized as an economic expert in Log Angeles and other states across America. Dr. Kamin has proved to be an economic expert witness and his services have been retained in over 600 matters. He has also testified on behalf of defendants as well as plaintiffs in hundreds of depositions as well as in more than 75 arbitrations and trials.

With a host of degrees including a BASc, MA, as well as a MBA and Ph.D. under his belt along with intensive professional experience in varied industries, Dr. Kamin is just the right expert for your business needs. Dr. Kamin’s expert witness services have helped clients from various industries including real estate, retail auto sales, health care, internet marketing, component manufacturing, aviation, telecommunications, and many more.

In addition to being an economic expert witness, Dr. Kamin also provides services on valuations of businesses that can be of great help during mergers, takeovers, dissolutions, or bankruptcies. He also provides guidance on valuation of personal damages that is known as Forensic Economics. Instead of hiring several firms to handle various financial and economic aspects of your business, you can just hire ValuEconomics to receive a host of professional valuation services under a single roof.

Dr. Jules Kamin takes a personal interest in each business client and sits with them to understand all background facts before charting out a path that best serves their interests. In fact, you can contact Dr. Kamin for a preliminary discussion of any matter related to intellectual property, economic damages, personal injury, business litigation, or other financial or economic matters, without any obligation.

Dr. Kamin’s rich experience and extremely high levels of expertise as an economic damages expert have provided ingenious solutions to perplexing problems. Both you and your business can benefit from his insight and professional approach. His expert opinions as an economic expert witness are well-respected and his services have been retained by his satisfied clients since well over 20 years.

So, if you require expert witness services in economic and financial matters related to economic damages and various types of business valuations then help is certainly at hand. You can contact Dr. Jules H. Kamin, an economic expert from Los Angeles who caters to clients all over California and all across the Unites States.

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