Back your Claim or Case with a Qualified Finance Expert Witness

In case of any business or professional dispute related to intellectual property, business valuations, damage valuations, or other financial or economic matters, your claim and case can stand strong only when it is backed by a qualified finance expert witness. One professional California financial expert witness firm that can provide expert and affordable service is ValuEconomics.

ValuEconomics Inc. is located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and caters to clients all around California, and the rest of the USA as well. Its president, Dr. Jules H.Kamin provides a wide range of economic and financial services for his clients in a personalized manner. These services include valuations of businesses and business interests, estimating economic loss suffered by damages due to trademark, patent, or copyright infringements, and many more related services.

Dr. Jules also provides expert witness service for his clients in case of litigation related to various financial and economic issues. His testimony as a financial expert witness has helped several clients recover lost profits due to breach of contract or other business torts.

His expertise in Los Angeles intellectual property matters have actually helped clients located all over the United States. His innovative solutions are the result of his educational qualifications including an MA, MBA, and Ph.D, among many others, as well as his experience in working in several notable corporations.

Dr. Jules Kamin has testified in several hundred depositions, over 75 trials, and has been retained by satisfied clients in over 600 financial and economic matters. As an experienced and respected finance expert witness, you can be sure that his view will hold weight in any litigation.

Dr. Kamin’s services including his expert witness services have been useful for several industries such as health care, apparel, insurance, pharmaceuticals, internet marketing, electronics, real estate, and many more. No client is too large or small for ValuEconomics since each client receives personal attention from Dr. Jules.

If you have any financial or economic issues that require professional guidance then you can be sure that Dr. Jules will devote personal attention to your specific case and provide an ingenious and innovative solution. You can contact ValuEconomics at their Beverly Hills office for a personal interaction with Dr. Jules without any obligation.

You can also visit the website of ValuEconomics at to find out more ways to contact Dr. Jules Kamin. His 2 decades of professional experience as well as his expertise as a revered financial expert witness with certainly help your specific claim or case.

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