Let a Competent Damage Expert Witness protect you from Damages

If you or your business in the USA face issues related to economic, financial, or personal damage then you should let a competent damage expert witness protect you from damages. Such a witness can testify on your behalf with an armament of facts extracted from in-depth financial and economic analysis as well as past experience.

Los Angeles-based ValuEconomics is one capable firm that provides economic and financial expert witness services along with several other business services under the capable leadership of its president, Dr. Jules H.Kamin. The views and testimonies of Dr. Kamin are held in high esteem by his clients and legal institutions such as courts too.

The services of this expert witness service have been utilized by his clients in well over 600 economic, financial, and legal matters. Dr. Jules Kamin has also testified in hundreds of depositions and in more than 75 trials and arbitrations on behalf of both defendants and plaintiffs.

As a finance expert witness, Dr. Kamin has been retained in matters related to recovery of lost profits damages caused by breach of contract and other business torts. As a damage expert witness, he has also handled matters related to California intellectual property including economic and financial implications of patent, copyright, and trademark damages. Additionally, Dr. Kamin is an expert in securities frauds, antitrust damages, and personal litigation, among several other related matters.

Dr. Kamin has also been retained by his loyal clients to identify patterns of conduct that indicate antitrust violations and damages. Being an expert in financial accounting and analysis as well as possessing a wide range of skills in economics has helped Dr. Kamin single-handedly solve several business issues that would have required different experts that charge separate fees. Hence, retaining only Dr. Kamin for several related economic and financial issues will result in huge savings in terms of time, effort, and of course, money.

Since Dr. Kamin possesses rich experience as a financial expert witness, this will benefit both you and your business since a trial-and-error strategy in such important matters can certainly prove to be disastrous. Dr. Kamin takes personal interest in each and every client and their issues before providing innovative solutions to specific problems.

You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain by calling Dr. Jules H.Kamin at ValuEconomics and engaging in a no-obligation preliminary discussion. You should visit www.valu-econ.com so as to get in touch with Dr. Kamin and reap the financial rewards provided by this financial expert witness.

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